Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Midterm Madness, Part 3

The third midterm is finally over. And I'm only two weeks away from the end of the term! Then I'll be down to only one part-time teaching job! Relief is in sight! And when the school year is finally over, I'll get around to putting an e-mail address on the blog. (The reason I haven't is that I just don't have time to deal with all the wonderful e-mails I anticipate getting. I'm SO looking forward to hearing from those coeds with the brand new webcam; it'll be the perfect chance to use that Viagra.)

The scores actually were pretty good on this midterm. High pass rate among the test-takers (although I haven't entered the scores yet so I don't know how many didn't take it). I have a good class this semester. And those who failed were by and large those I thought probably would fail. I don't understand how a student who comes to class solely to take (and fail) quizzes, and never stays for the lectures or the Q&A, would honestly think he or she would pass a midterm on the same material. But hey, it's their own money and time they're wasting. I get paid all the same.