Sunday, July 17, 2005


I've spent the last few days mostly in bed.

I really don't know why, but I've just been tired all the time. All I want to do is sleep. I slept most of Thursday. I thought I was just tired after having to deal with taking my kids with me to work when my sitter didn't show up. But then it was Friday, and even though I went to work I was still tired, and I slept all afternoon. I stayed up for the Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince release, read for about three hours, and then went to bed for another three hours, got up, and went to the Gardeners' Market. Three hours may not seem like much sleep, but it's only about an hour or two short of my usual amount of sleep, so you'd think a little nap on Saturday would have taken care of the deficit. I did in fact take a nap on Saturday-- all afternoon. I was awake for a few hours in the evening, but went straight back to bed and didn't wake again until Sunday morning. But even that rest failed to satiate my body's desire for sleep, because at church this morning I was too tired to look after the happily active Bagel. I took Bagel home, put him in his crib, and went straight to sleep. When FH came home with the older kids, he went right down for his long-postponed nap, so I had to cook them some lunch, and even after all that sleep I could barely stand up long enough to fry them some eggs.

At the Gardeners' Market on Saturday, I passed out. I was getting a chair massage, which I've done many times without ever fainting once. But this time she put a pillow under my chest, and this round-shouldered position exposed a really nasty knot that normally hides under my shoulder blade. I was doing just fine until she went to work on this knot. As soon as she put pressure on it, it was like something nasty was being squeezed out of it, and about thirty seconds later I started getting really nauseated and she had to stop and give me some air and water. Even with all that, though, I still passed out on the chair. The therapist got me down from the chair and laid me on the ground, and sent me back to my booth with orders to eat something, because I had not had any breakfast. My sister gave me some of her apricots, but I bought an omelet too because I thought it would be best if I had some protein.

I don't know what is wrong with me and why I am being such a lazy good-for-nothing. I was supposed to pack all my china earlier this week, to keep up with my goal for getting everything packed, but I put it off so long that now the boxes have earwigs in them. I brought the boxes in the house, but the earwigs scared the kids, who went around with FH's and my shoes on their hands and feet, stomping them all into oblivion. I had to take the boxes back outside to the porch to give the earwigs a chance to get out, so it'll be even longer before I get the china packed up and I'll be behind again.