Friday, February 25, 2005

Immersed in Filipiniana

Today I am totally immersed in Filipiniana, getting ready for tomorrow's Girl Scouts Around The World event. I'm currently baking trays 3 and 4 of six trays of bibingka. In addition to that I'm digging out all the boxes of Filipino costumes, listening to a Tagalog language-instruction tape, printing out pictures of Filipino Girl Scouts and collecting up all the library books we checked out on the Philippines. And tonight we're having Chicken Adobo for dinner, and after that I'll be making signs that say "Mabuhay!" and other things (like "Bibingka is wheat-free").

Also, I ordered barongs for the boys for their Easter clothes. I just made Princess a Filipino folk dress and I still have to make her fairy costume for the Opera For Children before the end of March, so I won't have time or energy to also make her an Easter dress. Therefore, all the children will wear Filipino traditional clothes this year for Easter. Sonshine is very excited about it; he's very egalitarian when it comes to clothes for the kids. If Princess gets one, he must also get one, or else "it's just not fair and you like Princess more than me!!!" One Easter, I made her a dress and he asked, "Where's MY dress???" I pointed out that I had already bought him a suit and he would not like to wear a dress, but that didn't deter him for pushing for totally equal treatment for himself all the children of the family. (I noticed that he didn't care if I didn't buy Princess a suit too.)

UPDATE: We are doing "quality control" on the bibingka; Bagel is on his third piece. A true pinoy!