Saturday, May 22, 2004

Gardeners' Market Report

This week at the Gardeners' Market we grossed $58. Pretty good, considering that it was pouring rain for the first half of the market. M introduced a new product, beaded bookmarks, which was the only thing she sold. She traded a pair of socks for a henna design on her ankle. She also took a hefty special order, a rush job on a wedding guestbook.

Bags were today's big sellers. Because of the rain, we had moved the bags to the center of the pavilion instead of the side. They got a lot more eye traffic there, and we sold two of the smaller bags. I like selling the smaller bags because they are quicker to make and take less yarn. Scrubbers also sold well today.

We are starting to see more customers from out of town, as the "summer citizens" move into their condos and apartments. (Because our climate is cooler and we have tons of fun cultural stuff every summer, we get a lot of senior-aged refugees from the heat further south.) Hopefully, these older, wealthier people will buy our merchandise as gifts for their children and grandchildren back home or memorabilia from their trip to the mountain valley.